As a certified company with ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 we have been dedicated to the business fields of medical devices and security camera components, where a high degree of reliability and stability are demanded while applying the assured technology and quality management systems we have developed over our 70 year history.

In the field of medical devices we have introduced a wide range of products including Blood Pressure Monitors, Pulse Oximeters, Non-contact forehead Thermometers and Heart Rate Monitors for users in international markets both with our own "NISSEI" brand and for worldwide OEM clients.

Our wide range of Blood Pressure Monitors for home and professional users have attained favorable accreditation for product accuracy from a number of the leading professional institutes that determine the necessary standards required, such as (German Hypertension League,European Society of Hypertensions, British Hypertension Society) which determine the protocols against which products are commonly tested).

In the field of security camera components, we have developed Auto Iris products which have gained a significant growing market share worldwide.

Our corporate aim is to be a company that contributes to society by consideration for the global environment demonstrating our compliance to major regulatory requirements such as RoHS(Ⅱ), REACH and other environment legislation that applies to our products.

As a company we always aim to contribute to our consumer's health and well-being by the constant development of products to the highest level of technological innovation, quality and reliability.

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・2023.12.19 Correction for Product Catalog Misprint

We are seeking business partner who are interested in communication function products for Remote Patient Monitoring.
Devices for RPMCatalogue download

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a service where patient measures vital-sign data at home as a part of Hospital/Clinic service to achieve the patient monitoring as “Hospital-at-Home.”
It aims to enhance medical care quality and provide effective patient care.

Why is Remote Patient Monitoring important?
1. Dealing with an Aging Society
Efficiently managing and monitoring the health of the elderly to support an extension of their healthy lifespan.
2. Easing the Shortage of Healthcare Professionals
Remote Patient Monitoring helps reduce the shortage of healthcare workers by providing real-time data monitoring, early intervention, self-care support, and efficient resource use.
3. Reducing Healthcare Costs
Reducing patient visits to ease the economic burden on both healthcare facilities and patients.

Who does Remote Patient Monitoring help?
1. Patients
・Minimizing the need for hospital visits.
・Receiving timely medical care.
・Promoting self-health monitoring and raising
2. Healthcare Providers
・Offering effective treatment guidelines through patient data analysis.
・Generating revenue through monthly fees and usage charges.
・Attracting new customers through advanced healthcare services.
3. Distributors
・Creating new revenue streams through entry into growing markets.
・Enhancing communication with healthcare facilities.
・Improving market competitiveness by adding value through customization for specific regions.

The role of Nissei in Remote Patient Monitoring
"Adherence" in the context of Remote Patient Monitoring refers to users participating in the program correctly using medical devices, taking measurements, reporting symptoms, and following various actions and instructions provided by healthcare providers. This is a crucial element for effective health management and treatment in Remote Patient Monitoring.
NISSEI's devices contribute to maintaining and improving "Adherence", thus enabling effective healthcare management and treatment in Remote Patient Monitoring.

Our devices can be customed to fit your system, supporting 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.
Easy to Use:
The user-friendly design of our devices allows for easy and continuous daily measurements, regardless of the user.
Accurate & Reliable:
A long term achievement under the clinical and practical environment in hospitals and medical facilities.
*Confirmed by devices' conformance to the applicable particular standards

Remote Patient Monitoring strengthens the connection between users and medical professionals, enabling swift and effective handling of illnesses and health concerns. We are excited to contribute to the widespread adoption of Remote Patient Monitoring and the health and happiness of more people. Let's collaborate together and usher in a new era of healthcare!

NISSEI supports RPM providers by providing with following communication devices:
・Pulse Oximeter BO750BT MT-500 instructionCatalogue download
・Non-contact forehead Thermometers MT550BT MT-500 instructionCatalogue download
・Blood Pressure Monitor DS-S10 MT-500 instructionCatalogue download

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